☆I wonder….(続編) 

1. 急速なEV化が進んでいるが、エンジンの音を聞きながら運転を楽しむ(“Fun to drive”)ドライバー達は、電気製品みたいな車の事をどう受け止めているのだろうか? 
2. 円安なので、外国の機関投資家にとっては、日本の株を買うチャンスだと思うのですが… 外国の機関投資家/ベンチャーキャピタルが投資したいと思う日本企業は? 未来に向かって発信する夢のある企業数が増えてほしいです。

I wonder…
1. In the midst of a rapid shift from gasoline powered vehicles to EVs, I wonder how conventional automobile lovers who seek cars equipped with powerful engines regard this historical change. Do they have to give up the excitement (“fun to drive”) of driving gasoline-powered cars? Will the production and development of gasoline-powered vehicles be continued for some specialized applications?

2. I thought a weak yen would attract and accelerate foreign institutional investment, but it seems unlikely. I wonder if there are many forward-looking Japanese companies attracting foreign venture capitalists.