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☆Survival of the Fittest(適者生存)

“Survival of the Fittest”
Survival of the fittest(適者生存)
The principle that animals and plants suited to the conditions they live in are more likely to stay alive and produce other animals and plants than those that are not suited.

生存競争で環境に最も適したものだけが生き残って子孫を残しうること。スペンサーの造語で、ダーウィンが「種の起源」で自然選択(natural selection/自然淘汰)より的確な語であると。
明後日は、英検の筆記テスト…皆さん頑張ってください。 英検のリーディングにたびたび登場する”Survival of the fittest”に関して興味深い学説をみつけました。

要約すると、Survival of the fittest(適者生存)は、自然淘汰と同じような意味で使われますが、本当に生きていくためには、”生存競争”ではなく、”協力する事である”(Survival of the kindest/cooperation/compassion)という考え方です。

“Science is showing that mindful participation in a compassionate human life positively affects our bodies’ molecular dynamics. Our very cells know whether we feel lonesome or connected to others. And a pivotal determinant of our health and happiness is our subjective perceptions of isolation or connection which amazingly translates into actual biochemistry in the body that flips on or suppresses the activity of particular genes! Our cells are listening and our genome responding to how we receive the world.

And how extraordinary it is that even a genome marked by history of adversity, can be healed. Our cells are always awake, fluid, permeable…And it turns out that what’s most transformative is having a real sense of meaningful connection to the rest of humanity. The qualities we practice and cultivate at InsightLA — mindfulness, generosity, caring — have the power to transform gene expressions and change the very cells of our being.

Current research on longevity shows survival of the fittest actually turns out to be survival of the kindest. The best gene therapy may be to live a mindful, heartful life — for everything blossoms in the light of tenderness and understanding. The cells in your body, your relationships, your garden, your children, your business, your work — all the things you care about on this earth, all respond to the same spirit of generous loving awareness.”

☆英会話サロン 2019年2月のスケジュール

1)Feb. 10, Sunday  12:30-14:00 英語でGospelを歌おう! w/Larry and Kazue
14::00-17:00 Session@JETS   w/池田奈央(p), 近藤哲生(b), Larry(d), Robert Aha(Coach)

2) 英語・仏語でJazzを歌おう! 2019 winter/spring (Feb.- May) : 
毎週土曜日(10:00-)に開催いたします。 1回からでも受講可能です。 発音練習にもなります。 ぜひ!    

3) JETS Gospel Choir メンバー募集中!
毎月第二日曜日  12:30-14:00   
担当: Larry Ransome/大久保和慧  
とても楽しいです! ぜひ! 発音練習にもなります!

☆Business English Salon

“Business English Salon” w/Brian先生
Thank you all for coming!
1) Introduction/What’s up?
2) New technology: “Tissue nano-transfection (TNT). It is a non-invasive procedure, which means surgeons do not have to cut the body. It works by placing the pad of nanochips over a damaged area of the body. A small electric current then injects DNA into the skin’s cells in less than a second. This transforms the cells into building blocks that then regenerate any nearby damaged tissue, such as skin, arteries, or even organs like the liver, lungs and heart. Researchers say it could replace the need for patients needing reconstructive surgery and revitalize organs that are prematurely aging. It could even help repair the brain. Testing will begin on humans next year.”
We learned about non-invasive procedures/surgery. Very interesting!


It is becoming all the more enjoyable to study/teach English as we can find many links related to articles covered in textbooks!

☆Business English Salon




Aurelio, a sound artist from Austria residing in India, substituted Kurt today. We learned much about music therapy and musical instruments developed by him.
今日は、オーストリア人のサウンドアーティストのAurelioさん(Aurovile, India) が、ミュージックセラピーについて、お話してくださいました。忙しい毎日の中で、バランス感覚を保ちながら生活できればと思いました。