☆Business English Salon

“Business English Salon” w/Brian先生
Thank you all for coming!
1) Introduction/What’s up?
2) New technology: “Tissue nano-transfection (TNT). It is a non-invasive procedure, which means surgeons do not have to cut the body. It works by placing the pad of nanochips over a damaged area of the body. A small electric current then injects DNA into the skin’s cells in less than a second. This transforms the cells into building blocks that then regenerate any nearby damaged tissue, such as skin, arteries, or even organs like the liver, lungs and heart. Researchers say it could replace the need for patients needing reconstructive surgery and revitalize organs that are prematurely aging. It could even help repair the brain. Testing will begin on humans next year.”
We learned about non-invasive procedures/surgery. Very interesting!