☆Global Warming

地球温暖化… と、騒がれていますが、自然の大きな流れからいくと、約46億年前に誕生した太陽は壮年期に入り、あと○億年後には、氷河期がくる事に…その時、人類は、どのように対応しているのだろうか? どんなテクノロジーを使うのかな〜 それとも環境にあわせて進化しているのかな〜 と、もんもんと考えてしまいます。いつまでも暑く、頭がおかしくなります(笑) 来週は、やっと秋らしくなるそうです。ホッ。

“Global warming” is widely considered as an imminent threat to the environment. However, in view of the fact that the sun has passed the age of maturity (born 4.6 billion years ago), it is expected that we will eventually enter an ice age, most likely in several hundred million years. How will we cope with the situation? With more advanced technologies, evolution of the species, or the extinction of the species being inevitable? In the sweltering heat in October, my brain is melting down ending up with a good topic for a science fiction story(>_<)