政府による給付金は短期的に効果があるかもしれませんが、コロナ危機のような不況時は、1) ベーシックインカム制度 2)政府による公共事業を増やして雇用を促進するケインズ主義のような政策なども駆使して、長期的な視野で有効な対策を迅速に講じてほしいと思います。

In response to the economic fallout from the covid-19 pandemic, the Japanese government decided to hand out ¥100,000 relief funds to everyone residing in Japan. From the short-term perspective, this might alleviate the economic crisis to some extent as a tentative measure, but from the long-term perspective, the government needs to make further commitments to turning the economy around by introducing some drastic measures as: 1) Basic Income System 2) More public projects (something like Keynesianism) to create employment. The strength of the government is tested particularly at the time of crisis.