宗教や体質の理由ではなく、動物愛護/個人の嗜好で、ベジタリアンになる人の数が、特に先進国で増えているそうです。ベジタリアンよりもさらに厳しい“Vegan,” “魚菜食主義のpescatorian,” 魚菜食+鶏肉を食する“pescapoultarian”“グルテンフリー”など、様々な形態があり、私自身も、ホームステイを受け入れるときに確認をすることが多くなりました。 先日、英会話サロンのトピックにもなりました。 ちなみに、私自身は、雑食です。(笑) 自然の恵に感謝し、色々な人々の心がこもった食べ物を無駄にしないよう心に命じています。また、それぞれの国の歴史や文化を食べ物から学ぶことが大好きです。 単なる、食いしん坊なのかもしれません。 食欲の秋到来です!

The number of “vegetarians” more specifically, “vegans,” “pescatorians,” “pescapoultarians,” “people on gluten free diet” is on the increase particularly among the young generation in the developed countries. It’s not necessarily due to religious or health reasons. It is often said that this is becoming more like a trend. Whenever I serve as a host family for people from foreign countries, I must check this matter thoroughly to make their stay comfortable. How about me? I appreciate every meal prepared by people who try to make others happy. I try not to waste food and the good-will of people who made it. I also like learning about history and culture of foreign countries from their cuisine culture, so I am quite brave (open-minded) about trying different kinds of food. Anyway, it’s so-called, “食欲の秋“(the best season for having good appetite) in Japan! Let’s enjoy!